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5 Unknown Facts: Formula Feeding

Formula lasts longer: Formula feeding takes time to digest. Formula milk is heavier than breast milk so your baby doesn’t feel hungry for longer durations after the switch to formula milk.

The amount of feed will vary: Not all babies have the same eating capacity. You baby might feel satiated in 3 ounces (one ounce is equal to 3 tablespoons) on some days and 7 ounces on others. Babies take time to adjust their eating capacity, do not force feed. Wait for a while before trying another bottle of formula milk.

Some babies are allergic: Your child might be allergic to formula milk, as your baby might be intolerant to proteins present in the formula. Symptoms of allergy include runny stools, vomiting or a skin rash. Consult your paediatrician for a switch to some other brand of formula.

Formula-feed changes poop: Babies on formula have a change in timing, frequency, colour and smell of stools once there are completely shifted to formula feed. The babys body is used to breast-feed and the switch to formula changes the tummys digestion process.

All brands have same formula: Though one brand might label themselves as organic and the other as high on nutrients but most formula milk is the same in composition.

Consult your doctor before switching to formula feeding or join our community to ask other parents.


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