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Baby hair loss problem
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The scalp disorders:

Trichotillomania in contrast is a completely self-inflicted condition. It is seen that more and more children are experiencing stress in some or the other form. Sometimes, it can just be a sibling rivalry, performance pressure or parental disputes. It leaves a deep impact on the child’s psyche and he develops a habit of picking at hair. Generally, easily accessible areas will show these lesions. Though initially it is a stress buster, slowly it develops into a habit.

Sometimes, children start smelling, chewing and then swallowing hair. This condition is known as Trichophagia. Such hair form a ball of hair in stomach, which is known as Trichobezorus and at times need to be removed surgically.

Such children often need good counselling sessions with a strong parental support. Children must have some recreational hobbies which help them destress. One must avoid any kind of comparison either with the sibling or any other child. Parents should avoid being too critical on the performance at school. Most importantly, the child should never be exposed to any type of parental dispute.


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