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Attention Between Two Babies

Most new parents feel overwhelmed as well as exhausted in the first few months after the new one arrives. While it is comforting to know that the older the child gets, the easier it becomes, the chores seem unending when it comes to raising twins. Everything has to be done twice over. And when they’re both bawling for attention, you’re at wits’ end. Here are some suggestions that will make the journey worthwhile.

Can You Breastfeed Both?

It’s one of the first questions that come to mind for a mother of twins. Well, the answer is ‘yes’, twins can be breastfed. It is important for the mother to drink a lot and get enough rest. Sometimes both babies can get hungry at the same time and it is best to feed both simultaneously. Or, you can feed them individually too. Feeding simultaneously just saves time. But it is important to notice signs of hunger as both babies may not want to feed at the same time. Sigh!

If you’re worried about the milk not being enough for two, rest assured. The simple rule of milk supply is that the more the baby suckles, the more milk is produced. If you still feel overwhelmed raising twins, a care-giver to assist is not a bad idea. You may also want to enrol in a support group where you can share your problems and uncertainties.

Juggling Act

Twin babies mean double the work. There are times when both can throw a fit at the same time and you cannot ignore either. But don’t stress too much about not being able to give equal time to both. You must undoubtedly make sure that both are fed, cleaned and calmed but it is not possible to treat both babies equally. This does not mean you love one of them any less. It may happen that while you’re feeding one baby, the other may cry for your attention. But babies learn fast and this is one way of helping them become independent.

Also, it is not possible to remember when one was last fed or cleaned. You could maintain a diary on their development and diseases too. Twins are usually born equal in size and weight. So it is normal to lose track of their development. It is best to record the details.

Make sure you spend quality time with each baby separately, every day, while the other one is in safe hands with your partner or someone you trust. This will help you bond well with both babies and they will also enjoy the quality time spent alone with you.

Double Stress!
It is normal to feel overburdened with having to take care of two babies. Hence, it is important to have a care-giver help you through the initial months. Also, let your little ones spend quality time with their grandparents or maybe your friends. Since there cannot be a person to split the responsibilities than your partner, make sure he takes a break from work to be with you. Also, during the first few weeks, when the babies takes longer naps, make sure you spend quality `me` time. You can leave the sleeping babies with your husband or have your relatives and friends support you.

Try not to be a perfectionist! And give yourself a break when you can and indulge yourself by doing something you enjoy. It has been proved that mothers of twins learn to multitask quickly and make the best use of their time. It is not a crime to sometimes let your babies bawl. You cannot soothe them if you are stressed and that’s perfectly normal. So you have no reason to worry!


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