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Essential items for your baby’s diaper bag

You have to constantly take care of your baby, so there’s not a moment when you can be caught off guard. Invest in these things to prepare yourself for all contingencies.

Diapers: Always carry extra diapers when you take your baby outdoors, even if you’re going just around the corner. You never know when you can get stuck in a jam or be kept waiting at a doctor’s office!

Wipes: These not only help you to clean your baby’s bottom, but also his hands and face. When your kid spills something, you can use it as a blotter too.

Medicines: Always stock cough, cold, fever medicines and anti vomit tonic in your bag.

Extra clothes: You never know when your baby might throw up or mess his clothes. Always carry one clean outfit in your bag. Bring a sweater as well to protect your baby from too much exposure to air-conditioner.

Handkerchief: Always keep it near your baby to wipe his drool or a runny nose.

Blanket: It serves multi-purpose roles. Blankets not only keep you baby warm but can also act as a shield from the sun if draped over the stroller. They also act as a ready surface on which you can put your baby.

Hand Sanitizer: This one’s for you. Water may not be available every time you clean your baby’s bottom. Keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and you’re good to go.

Toys: These are great to entertain your baby when you go for long outings.

Disposable Bags: Consider carrying plastic polythenes if you want to store your baby’s dirty clothes in the diaper bag.

Don’t forget, you’ll need a spacious bag with lots of pockets to store these items. Choose one that suits your needs and style, but make sure it is large enough to hold your baby’s gear.


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