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Famous Indian Celebrity Babies
Here are some of the famous Indian Bollywood Celebrity Babies and little stars:
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2. AbRam – Son of Shahruhk Khan and Gauri Khan:

AbRam: Son of Shahruhk Khan and Gauri Khan

AbRam: Son of Shahruhk Khan and Gauri Khan

Shahrukh and Gauri chose the name AbRam, as it is the name of a prophet of God (Allah) named Abraham. The fact that the alphabet ‘R’ will be written in caps makes us believes that they wanted to highlight the Hindu connection, connecting the same with Lord Ram (Hindu God).

AbRam is just Ten months old. He is the third child of Shahrukh Khan. This little one was a surrogate baby. The baby’s surrogate mother’s name has been kept confidential for obvious reasons. He looks a lot like Shah Rukh and no doubt is very cute, with dimples just like his daddy. He might be a premature baby but he is a star and centre of attraction. Aryan, Shahrukh’s first child is very bright, talented and ambitious. On the other hand Suhana, his second child is little shy but she also does well at school.


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