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Gemini Baby

The Gemini Baby horoscope:

May 21 – June 21
Planet – Mercury
Element – Air

Gemini babies are affectionate and are very creative in expressing their love. If they give you their favourite toy or a squiggly drawing, don’t take it lightly. To them, it’s the ultimate expression of their love.

Your baby’s personality will make her a good strategist. Geminis master the art of quick thinking early on. So you will have to be on your toes as she will constantly try to devise new tricks.

Every mother wants her child to have a bright and successful future. Take pride in knowing that your child will excel in everything she does, not only financially but socially as well. Geminis make famous personalities. They are always the centre of attention and make a lot of friends. Your baby will grow up to become extremely savvy and will devise her own plan of success, even when the odds are against her.


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