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The Pisces Baby

The Horoscope of Pisces Baby:

February 19 – March 20
Planet – Jupiter & Neptune
Element – Water

Your baby is fun loving and free spirited. He is an innovator and loves taking risks. Your little Piscean is going to be the light in every room he enters. Everyone will like him for his positive energy. You will love your Piscean as you know he is going to make you smile every day!

Your little Piscean’s teacher will complain that he is very talkative. He loves to socialize and have fun. He will love to join huge groups.

Pisceans are die hard romantics and often fall in love! They are devoted to their mother and will do whatever it takes to please her. They are very emotional and form strong bonds.

Help your little Piscean discover his abilities. Teach him how to think critically as kids of this sign often forgo logic for the sake of fun.

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