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Virgo Baby

The Virgo Baby:

August 23 – September 22
Planet – Mercury
Element – Earth

Virgos are extremely humble and hate to be in the spotlight. You might think your baby is shy. But the truth is that Virgos trust very few people so and don’t bond easily. Virgos will not have many friends, but will be very social and active in their small group.

Your baby will love to go to school! Virgos enjoy the order and structure of a classroom. She will be a free spirit but will create clear objective and goals in her learning and work. She is mild and a hard worker.

Virgos often stand in the corner and wait to be approached. Encourage your Virgo baby to mix with others. Introduce her to new and exciting things early on. Hold her hand as you take her outdoors. Nurture and lover her, and she will come out of her shell.

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