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Install A Baby Car Seat Poperly

One piece of equipment you will need after your baby is born is a car seat. This will make travelling with your little one safe, ensuring she is safely strapped and is sitting in the right posture. Often in India one can see commuters driving with a baby on their lap. If sudden brakes are applied, the most vulnerable person in this scenario would be the baby. Even though car seats are not mandatory here, having one makes more sense. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when installing a car seat.

  • Fasten the seatbelt correctly
  • Keep the seatbelt in lock mode
  • Connect the seat with the right holders in the car
  • Put pressure on the seat when it is installed to keep it steady

Tips on picking the right kind of baby car seat:

  • A seat should fit your child’s weight and size.
  • As your child grows, invest in a bigger seat.
  • Never buy a used seat. It could be damaged or be missing parts.

How to install the seat correctly:

1. Read the manual carefully. Also refer to your car’s manual to find anchors in your rear seat that can hold the baby seat.
2. You can either fasten it with anchors or a seat belt. Once you’ve connected the lower anchor straps, pull the belt tail tightly from the top of the car seat, not the side.
3. Make sure the seat belt is self-locking. If not read the manual carefully how to lock the belt.
4. Find the correct anchors to fasten the seat belt. Don’t mistake a side anchor for a central anchor.
5. Put your weight on the seat when installing it. Take a help of another person.
6. Tug the seat to check whether it’s fastened well.
7. Keep the seat manual handy in a glove compartment to refer in case of a glitch.
8. Let a professional double check your installation.

Car seats can make travelling with your baby a hassle-free experience. Go out and buy one today.


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