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Make Your Baby Learn Healthy Eating Habits

Everyone loves chubby babies. While some studies link baby fat with childhood obesity, don’t fret too much about your baby’s weight. Make sure he eats well and gains weight consistently. Here’s how:

Know when he is full: Don’t insist your baby to finish the bottle of milk. He will close his eyes, spit out the nipple or pulls away when he is full. Don’t insist to continue nursing or feeding him.

Food is not the answer every time: You don’t need to feed a baby every time he cries. Many mothers like to the nurse a crying baby even if he has just been fed. Rather, hold him in your arms, gently rock him or sing to pacify him.

Slowly introduce solids: A baby’s capacity to eat is not the same as an adult. When you start giving him solid food, don’t expect him to polish off the plate. The point in starting solid food is to let the kid ‘practice’ eating. Go slow with solids in his daily diet.

Check the chart: Gaining weight is a sign your baby is growing. Remember weight gain is not the same as fat. Babies double their birth weight by about four months and triple it in a year. If your baby exceeds this weight range, talk to his pediatrician.



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