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New born baby care

Its Summer time! But it could be a tough time for you and your baby. As peak summers approach, you will find your new born behaving irritated and cranky. Parents India brings you a few simple steps that can help you get you and your new born baby care through the summers healthily.

1.      Don’t Let A Newborn Overheat:

A baby cannot sweat effectively and so he can become overheated far more quickly than an adult. This is because adults have more surface area to sweat the heat than a baby. Even a few minutes could cause his temperature to spike and may even prove life threatening.

2.     Pick Up The Right cloth:

It is essential to choose the right cloth for your baby to ensure your little one stays cool and protected during the hot and humid days of summer. Dress your tot in loose-fitted cool cotton cloth. Avoid synthetic cloths, as they trap heat and are uncomfortable for your baby. Choose long sleeved, light cloths. Get a wide brimmed sun hat for your baby. It is best to avoid hats with elastic support as it may constrict blood circulation

3.     Newborn Babies Love The Outdoors:

The best way to calm a cranky newborn is to take them outdoors. With little planning, its easy for your baby to enjoy the outdoors safely. If you step out in the sun just ensure that your baby is well protected. If you are out in the park for a walk, try to draw the sun shade of the pram over its head to keep your baby in the shade.

4.     Protect Your Newborn From The Scorching Sun:

Newborn babies are extra sensitive to sun and they should be kept away from the direct sun light. Parents have to be extra vigilant about sun protection all the time and ensure that their tot stays safe in the sun. Unfortunately, many parents don’t know the best ways to protect their toddlers. Make sure you go outside in the morning or evening. Try to avoid mid-afternoon time. This is when the sun is most dangerous. At such a young age the doctors do not recommend sunscreen.

5.     Give Your Baby More Liquids:

Hydration is extremely important when temperatures begin to rise. Your breast milk contains enough foremilk to quench your baby’s thirst. There is no need to give your baby water, even in hot weather. Babies who breastfeed whenever they wish to, do not get hydrated. They will get enough liquid from your breast milk.

6.      Skin Smoothers:

Long, hot and humid days of summer may even cause prickly heat rashes in the skin folds, shoulders, back, nappy area and on the nape of the neck. You can treat this simply by applying buttermilk or curd mixed with water on the rash (for not more than 10 minutes). You can also use paste of fuller earth (multani mitti) mixed with rose water. They are cooling and healing. Its best not to buy powders for prickly heat rashes as they may irritate your baby’s skin even more.


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