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Set your baby's routine

Feed routine: Your baby trusts that when he is hungry you will feed him. When you start a routine feeding, a feeling of love and security is created in the baby, which lasts a lifetime. When your baby is hungry, sit in a quiet place to nurse him. Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t eat after every 3-4 hours. There cannot be a rigid pattern for feeding. While it’s advisable to feed babies every three hours, don’t fuss too much with the timing

Sleep routine: Most important routine of the day is getting the baby to sleep. Newborns’ sleep patterns are very inconsistent, which disturbs the sleep of the entire household. Developing a routine, will also help you relax. Babies tend to get drowsy between 6-8 p.m. you let your baby become overtired, you may have a tougher time getting her to bed. Watch for these signs. Note the time when she starts rubbing her eyes and becomes cranky. An hour or so before that, start her bedtime routine, which could be anything from snuggling, dimming the lights, singing to her or gently rocking her till she falls asleep.

Bath routine: Bathing is fun for babies. When tired, a warm bath lulls them to sleep. And when awake, a refreshing bath can stimulate them. It’s also a great time to bond when you make plenty eye contact and touch your baby. For babies, bathtime is not always in the morning. Remember that. But set a particular hour and stick it to. Bathe your baby when you are relaxed and not hard pressed for time. Have water, soap, powder, towel and her dress ready before you even undress her. Babies don’t always enjoy bathing. They can feel cold and uncomfortable. It’s important to hold them close to you and gently put them in the water.


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