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Tips From Parents With Twins

It is difficult to keep a check on both babies at all times. Hence, it is important to create a secure environment to avoid any mishaps. Secure sockets, pointed corners and the gas stove.

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest issues for twin parents. Getting both babies in sync with the rhythm of day and night can be quite a daunting task. Most parents with twins observe that their babies grow restless when they are separated. But parents can’t resist separating them at nap times as one could awaken the other.

Also, don’t run to your kids` side at the slightest noise. This makes them throw a fit too. Give them time to settle down on their own.

Measure the size of your door and buy a stroller accordingly. Sometimes, parents buy a double-size stroller and then fret over the size as it does not get through the door.

Nothing’s The Same!

Having twins will change your equation with your partner. It does the same with a single child. Make sure you both work on your relationship and try to take time out for yourself. While you feel exhausted, your husband should be by your side taking care of your needs, both emotional and otherwise.

After having twins, some parents tend to withdraw from their friends and acquaintances. Instead, you should meet people as often as you can as it brings much-needed relief from the grind. Perhaps you could meet other twin parents and invite them home. This will not only inject some excitement into your otherwise mundane-yet-taxing schedule but also give your kids bonding time.


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