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Take festivities as an opportunity to get closer to your little ones. We suggest you 10 family activities that you can do together and bond well.

1. Make cooking merryBurst-into-action2

Let your little one help you peel, chop and assort the ingredients of a special dish that you have planned to pamper him with. Doing this will certainly give a boost to his culinary skills (would you mind that?) as well as some exclusive time for you to spend together. You can also make the session educative by making him know about the goodness of the various vegetables and spices that are being used in it. And, learning how to cook can always give an opportunity to your little one to flaunt his newly acquired skills in front of his peers.

2. Go around the house

Cleaning the house is always a task. But involving your child in it can chuck away the mundanity. You can start by assigning him menial tasks such as cleaning his bookshelf, dusting the cupboards around the house or just watering the plants. If he delivers as per your expectations, graduate to little complicated ones such as spreading sheets on the beds, dry cleaning your expensive crockery or even ironing clothes.

3. Make him charitable

Once you both are done with cleaning, a lot of unused things might have erupted from the corners of your house. So, take this opportunity to introduce charity in your child’s life. Ask him to collect all his old toys and the clothes that he feels no longer fit him and bundle them up neatly. Begin by donating at home; ask him to give the things to the kids of the housekeeper. And if the stuff is in excess, try figuring out a child home nearby and ask him to donate them there.

4. Let his cards speak

Who sends Diwali cards in an age of electronic communication? We agree, but it’s advisable that you involve your child in this activity. The reason, it will boost his creativity and thought process. Ask him to jot down a list of friends and family members whom his wants to wish by sending cards. Then, ask him to conceptualise a theme and a note for every person. Once he is through, ask him why he chose a particular theme for a person. This will help you get closer to his thought process as well as his feelings. A great way to read his mind.

5. shopping all the way

Did you think shopping is a stressbuster and a mood elevator only for the grown ups? Think again. Say shopping and see how his eyes twinkle and the face brightens up. Take him along wherever you go, which could be even for the smallest thing such as buying a broomstick. Also involve him in the decision-making while you choose Diwali gifts and accessories for the house. By letting him do so, you not only make him feel confident about his choices, but also strengthen your bond as a family.

6. Decorate your house

Involve him in the decisions related to redecorating the house. If your child is old enough, you can ask him to design torans and rangolis and even help you paint his room. Give his creativity some wings this season.

7. Let him gift wrap

Once you have sorted out the gifts, leave the task of wrapping and rearranging them on your child. Do not interfere at any level unless asked for help. Once he finishes decorating the gifts, assess his work and tell him if he lacked at a certain place. However, don’t be over critical. This activity will your child build confidence in completing tasks assigned to him individually.

8. Pay friends visit

One of the best ways by which a family can bond over is by visiting the near and dear ones together. So, take him along with you whenever you set out to meet your family and friends on any occasion. Sow the seeds of sociability early on so that he can reap the benefits later.

9. Get photos in order

Now, once your house is all decked up, the next thing that you need to focus is on working and rearranging your family photos. And, you can leave the complete task on your little one. However, set a stop watch and ask him to finish the complete rearranging in a particular time frame. This will help him learn to value time and stick to deadlines. Again, don’t be too strict with him.

10. Introduce religion 

Festivities are a perfect time when you can talk about religion to him. Tell him why are you performing a particular ritual in a particular way and what is its significance. Talking about faith and believes together will certainly help you bond well with each other.


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