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Fun Weekend Tips

Engage in these activities and make your family weekend turn into a fun weekend.

Plan a picnic – When was the last time that you took your kids to the local zoo? Doesn’t sound like a great idea? Well, share the idea and see the excitement in their face. While it might sound archaic and tacky to have a family picnic in the zoo, it is an all-time favourites with kids of all ages and all generations. Kids have always had a thing for animals. No marks for guessing that amidst all growls, roars and grunts of animals, you would start enjoying the zoo trip too.

Watch an animation movie – Go out to watch a recently-launched animation movie. A better idea would be to bring your kids’ favourite movie dvd and enjoy it with the whole family lazying on the couch, and munching popcorn and gulping cold drinks.

Let your hair down at an adventure park – Whether you seek thrills from hair-raising roller coaster rides, or prefer to glide on an old-fashioned carousel, amusement parks have something for every member of the family. When you’ve had enough of the rides, don’t forget to try some friendly family competition at the arcade!

Engage in a DIY activity – For kids, there’s nothing like playing with crayons, beads, coloured paper, clay, and the like. And won’t it give you a kick? Engage in some interesting craftwork with your kids this weekend and see how it turns into fun weekend.


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