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Get Ready For A Family Weekend Trip

Plan: Unplanned vacations are great as a couple but with kids the best way is to plan in advance. Look for the perfect destination and get the hotel reservations done well in advance. You must look for a comfortable and child-friendly resort.

Carry food: Yes the car can get dirty with food around, but a wailing child on a road trip is no fun. Carry some chips, dry fruits, toffees (they counter mountain sickness too), sandwiches, cookies, granola bars, cheese, water and packaged juice.

Pack enough clothes: Carry one bag (a big one) for both your children. Also keep ample clothes and undergarments. It is a short weekend and you don’t want to spend time cleaning clothes. It is a good idea to pack one set of your children’s clothes in a small bag and keep it handy in the car.

Carry games for the journey: Children can get cranky during long car trips. Carry colouring books, video games, and the music of their choice.

Visit a mechanic beforehand: Get you car checked thoroughly, a week prior to your trip. A broken down car is the worst nightmare.

Get ready to enjoy, unwind and make the most of your weekend.


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