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Play Cricket with kids
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Cash on IPL’s fever to spend quality time with your children. After all, there is nothing like sports to bring together a father and a son.


I have a confession to make. I am not much of a cricket buff. In fact, the only few times I’ve showed or been mildly interested in the game was when I used to play it with my two buddies back home. Even then, I would stand in one place and hit the ball with all my strength across the perceived boundary of the neighbour’s car or try and aim for the window of the next door neighbour’s pretty daughter’s room.

I always used to wonder what gets the nation in such an ecstasy when it comes to cricket matches. I mean, 22 men out in a stadium hitting a poor ball with a bat and running for dear life as if the devil was behind them hardly raises my interest. I was happy to leave it at that, till this year when my eight-year-old son started showing some interest in the game. He would come to me and ask questions such as “who scored how many runs in so and so match?” or “who got the maximum number of wickets in any given match?” I had a fantastic trick to answer all those questions: Gently point him to the laptop and ask him to Google it.

All this was until IPL came around. A hardcore Metallica fan, you can imagine what that song “Dil jumping jhapak jampak jampak…” did to my musical sensibilities. If that wasn’t enough, my son began singing it and pretty soon, my pocket rocket of a daughter started humming it too. Not to be left behind, she added her own touch to it and would do a little jig every time it would play on TV. That’s when something happened inside me and I found it to be a fantastic opportunity to bond with my children, especially my cricket-crazy son. After all, there is nothing like sports and games to bring together a father and son. So, to get closer to him and to boost his interest in the game, I came up with a few ideas.


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