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A quick checklist of all the 12 important vaccines for your little one.

1. BCG vaccine Prevents from developing serious types of tuberculosis such as milliary TB or tuberculous meningitis. Is given  immediately after birth.

2. Oral polio or injectable Polio vaccine Saves kids from encountering polio infection. Is administered at birth, and then at six weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks and 18 months till the child turns five.

3. DPT vaccine Is given to avoid diphtheria, pertusis and tetanus in infants. The doses are administered at six weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks and 18 month till the age of five.

4. Hepatitis B vaccine Helps kids stay clear of Hepatitis infection. Three doses are given at birth at six weeks and till six months of birth.

5. H Influenza B vaccine Also called HIB vaccine, the doses are given to children at six weeks,10 weeks,14 weeks till the infant turns 18 months to fight the H-Inluenza B bacteria. The bacteria is responsible for causing serious diseases such as meningtis, pneumonia and epiglottis, among others.

6. Rota vaccine Is given to fight the Rota viral diarrhoea. The doses are administered orally at six and 10 weeks after birth.

7. Pneumococcal vaccine In order to avoid serious pneumococcal infections in infants, the vaccine is given at six weeks,10 weeks and 4 weeks after birth.

8. Measles vaccine The vaccine can be administered to babies at nine months.

9. Varicella vaccine Given at 12 months after birth, Varicella helps in preventing chickenpox.

10. MMR vaccine To counter measles, mumps and rubella, the vaccine is administered at six weeks,15 months, till four years of birth.

11. Hepatitis A vaccine Is given to tackle Hepatitis A, a common type of jaundice. The vaccine is given to the baby at 18 months with a repeat dose after six months.

12. Typhoid vaccine The vaccine is given at two years with a repeat dosage after every three years. 


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