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'Healthy’ Pista Froyo For Your Child

Come diwali and all the health plans take a back seat. Festivities in India are more about piling on calories. No one likes to compromise when it comes to serving yummy sweets and fried snacks to guests. But if you’re worried your kid will gain excess weight, don’t fret. A lot of healthy options are being doled out in this festive season.

“My kid loves smoothies. In the festive season, whenever we out for shopping, he goes overboard drinking smoothies. Recently I found out flavoured frozen yoghurt is as good a substitute,” says mother of an 8-year-old, Deepali Shah.

Healthy options such as frozen yoghurts, low fat lassis and anjeer barfis will ensure you and your kids can enjoy diwali guilt free. Companies are fast taking notice of this trend and are stocking up healthy products for the festival. “Keeping with the festive spirit this Diwali, we are offering pistachio yoghurts. They are not only healthy but also have a great flavour, which kids will love,” says Red Mango MD.

Doctors also recommend consumption of more dry fruits than sweets to keep your weight in check during Diwali. Dry fruits such as pistachios are known for reducing the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol) while increasing antioxidant levels in the body. Research also shows that consuming unsalted, dry roasted pistachios prevents any addition of unwanted fats and additional sodium in the diet that may affect cardiac health adversely and increase hypertension. “Kids love sweets. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make sweets healthy for them. Our frozen yoghurt is low fat and gluten free. Anyone can eat it without feeling guilty about weight gain,” he adds.

“I have also stocked frozen yoghurts in my fridge for diwali. I’m sure it will be a welcome break for my guests as well as my son,” says Deepali. So don’t be afraid of snacks and sweets this festive season. Options such as pistachio based frozen yoghurts will ensure you celebrate a calorie free Diwali!


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