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Best Ways to pamper yourself

We bring to you a list of few gadgets that will help you pamper yourself while you whistle away to daily chores. – By Ridhima Ahluwalia

  • FOOT MASSAGER: Running around for work and catering to everyone’s needs can leave you tired by the end of the day. Therefore, having a personal masseur can prove to be wonderful. Get yourself to own a foot massager that perhaps can be the next best thing. Pamper yourself with this wonderful gadget and make room for some happy feet.
  • MP3 PLAYERS WITH VOICE OVER: MP3 players are in the market for a long time now and they come with a variety of features to keep you busy. The new MP3 players, however, are equipped with the voice over technology that gives you the power to play a track of your choice with your voice. A perfect device that can keep you entertained while you finish off household work.
  • TABLETS: Different users have different needs and different tablets have different features. Therefore, depending on your requirement, you can lay your hands on the one which suits you the best. Tablets are easy to use for a plethora of Internet-related activities such as checking e-mails, browsing the web, looking for recipes to pamper your family’s taste buds and reading and shopping online, among other activities.
  • INFRARED HAIR DRYER: The infrared hair dryer has replaced the age old ionic, ceramic and tourmaline hair dryer. The gadget has longer wave length, which makes it penetrate deeper and rejuvenate the hair after drying it. A perfect part of your dressing table.
  • HAIR STRAIGHTENER: A hair straightener makes styling easy for even the toughest of textures such as very thick or curly hair. It can also be used to style larger sections of your locks at a time, making styling less of a chore. No beauty arsenal is complete without it.
  • HANDHELD MASSAGER: Hectic work schedule and a demanding family can reduce your energy and efficiency. It is important that you rejuvenate your body time and again. At such situations, a handheld massager can be an indispensable gadget, which can be used for pain in the back, hands and legs.


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