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10 Tips to Burn Calories and Lose Weight at Home

Urban people are unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which may be owing to their long and irregular work timings. Lack of sleep may increase calorie consumption.

To burn more calories, do more activities. Ditch the high-fat, high-sugar party fare and try these ideas to raise your metabolism and burn your calories. Tweak your lifestyle.

1. Exercise more to burn more calories: Exercise is the safe and the best way to burn calories. Schedule in time to exercise to ensure that you are burning some calories each day. Dieting or restricting your caloric intake can lower down your metabolism. If you exercise on regular basis, you will lose weight more effectively.

2. Replace normal tea with green tea: Green tea offers numerous benefits. Just make sure you add some lemon instead of sugar to prevent the addition of unnecessary calories. Green tea contains catechin polyphenols that help to boost metabolism. The strong caffeine and polyphenols have shown to increase fat burning.

3. Avoid sugar: You must avoid sugar as it triggers the body to release insulin. The harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Sugar doesn’t contain any minerals or vitamins.

4. Nourish your meals with proteins: The best way to boost your metabolism is to include more protein in your diet. Don’t starve yourself. Cutting too many calories can back fire in more ways.

5. Have a good night sleep and avoid stress: Those who don’t get enough sleep at night are also going to be at risk of suffering from a slow metabolism. People who sleep better have better metabolism, and hence perform better while trying to lose weight. Stress causes the body to release cortisol. As a result more calories gets stored as fat.

6. Take stairs instead of escalator: Always take stairs and not a lift. Using the stairs burns twice as much calories as walking. When you go to work take stairs instead of escalator.

7. Take a walk: A 15 to 20 minutes walk after meals will reduce glucose levels which in turn will reduce insulin levels and optimize fat metabolism in the body.

8. Cut on caffeine: You should sip a couple of coffee cups throughout the day. According to a recent research caffeine in your coffee increases the rate at which your body burns the calories. Insulin causes obesity.

9. Focus on vegetables: Consuming vegetables like broccoli, leek, gourd, lettuce, carrots, etc could be really beneficial as they are low in calories, high in volume. Simply consuming green veggies could result in painless weight loss. You will enjoy a lighter, healthier meal. You must have piles of crunchy raw vegetables with dips. Have large platters of roasted vegetables with drizzle of olive oil. The best part of these fresh veggies is they are delicious; nutrition won’t leave you feeling like you’ve over indulged.

10. Eat spicy: Capsaicin, the compound that gives chili peppers their heat, speeds metabolism and burns more calories per day. Spicy food triggers a feeling of fullness. So, add hot spices to your food, only if you can handle them.

Just remember- Every little bit counts!

Eat healthy, drink and Burn calories!


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