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Easing Labour Pains Through LDR

Motherhood is the one thing in the world that truly exemplifies the gift of creation. So if pregnancy is a mysterious and awesome phase for a first-time mother, the real, glorious reward comes when she holds her baby in her arms at the end of an exhausting nine months.

With the increasing trend towards nuclear families and the breakdown of the joint family, young couples need information and support throughout the pregnancy and delivery phases. Excellent paediatric care and education is the answer to this predicament.

On confirmation of pregnancy, most young couples start planning for the new arrival – the colour of the room, décor and names for the baby are some of the things that become hot topics of conversation. But the good news also raises a lingering question in the would-be mothers’ mind – should she opt for a Caesarean Section or a normal delivery? Also, in case of a normal delivery, should she opt for pain-relief during labour?

Indeed, till a few years ago, many would-be-moms and their families used to request a Caesarean Section to avoid unbearable labour pain. But the current, modern ‘back-to-nature’ trend is encouraging women to experience the joys of motherhood in a natural way. And although the final decision is a clinical one taken by your gynaecologist, a natural delivery is recommended because that’s how it was meant to be and it also spares women from post-delivery complications.

This trend has highlighted the need for special and well-equipped Labour Delivery Recovery (LDR) rooms in hospitals, where a doctor and well-trained staff help women through labour and the birth process. In many instances, the husband is present during both phases.

Before going further, let’s understand LDR:

  • The LDR is a new concept in maternity care.
  • It integrates the processes of labour, birth and recovery post-delivery, all in one room.
  • Advantages include comfort and convenience, facilities for a Caesarean Section, proximity to Operation Theatres and specially trained staff.

Among the many advantages of an LDR is continuous monitoring of the mother and foetus so that even the slightest change is detected immediately. Convenience and comfort are of paramount importance and a good, integrated LDR allows a pregnant woman to give birth and recover in the same room. Also, should the need arise, the LDR s equipped for a Caesarean delivery. In addition, a good LDR is located close to the hospital’s Operation Theatres, just in case an unplanned surgical procedure is required.

LRDs are furnished with multi-purpose beds that provide a variety of postural positions for the mother’s comfort. From colour combination to décor and furniture, everything is designed for a woman who is about to undergo the delivery process. And, if it’s any consolation, the pain and anguish of labour is forgotten as soon as you hold your newborn in your arms.
(Dr Sumit Prasad is General Manager at Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad.)


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