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Get Your Kid Hooked To Breakfast

Children with empty stomachs tend to be irritated, restless and less focused during the day. Breakfast is important to supply kids with energy and stamina. Like the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here’s how you can make it more interesting.

A milkshake: Blend his favourite fruit with milk and ice and he will never skip breakfast again.

A toast: If your child is bored with paranthas, surprise him with a cheese and tomato toast or a crunchy snack he can eat on his way to school as well.

Toppings: If your child eats cornflakes for breakfast, top them with badaam, kaju or add a dash of fresh fruits.

Tickle the taste buds: Occasionally, offer last night’s pizza for breakfast. Let him eat the last pastry in the fridge. Don’t be stuck with just paranthas and toast.

Breakfast on the run: If your child is really late for school and has no time to sit down for breakfast, roll up the parantha and wrap it in a foil so that he can eat it on his way. Or you could hand him a banana and a glass of milk. Don’t forget to put some dry fruits in his pocket. These are the perfect energy boosters.


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