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Paediatric Palliative Care Day Care And Transition Home

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, treatment should consist of both curative as well as palliative care. India’s first free Pediatric Palliative Care Day Care & Transition Home has been set up by CanKids in Gautam Nagar, New Delhi.

“Proper palliative care system was a critical and missing part of our effort to provide continuity of care to a child from the moment of diagnosis through treatment, and also afterwards for survival, relapse, terminal care and bereavement support,” says Poonam Baghai, Founder President of CanKids.

In most hospitals in the country, there is limited emphasis on symptom and pain management or counselling support. The gap becomes even more acute when a child becomes terminally ill and there is no further treatment. In such cases, there is practically no palliative care available. The child’s transition back home and the journey forward hence becomes difficult, traumatic and painful.

The 10-bedded Daycare and Transition Home is like ‘home away from home’ and will work closely with the Pediatric Cancer Units (PCUs) in Delhi-NCR and other parts of India. The aim is to provide care and support to patients and families, filling the gaps, and supplementing the initiatives of PCUs to provide quality palliative care facilities.
About Cankids
CanKids is a family-support group for children with cancer and their families, providing the entire spectrum of childhood-cancer support services. They work as patient navigators and advocates, bridging the gaps to ensure best treatment, care and support. Know more on www.cankidsindia.org


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