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Polar Heart Rate Monitors By Proline Fitness

The Polar Heart Rate Monitor, also called Polar Training Computer, is like a coach that guides you through each workout. For endurance workouts, it paces you so you don’t overdo it. For tempo runs, it keeps you on track. And for interval workouts, it makes sure you go hard enough and slow down at the right time to recover and go again. Whether you are training for a marathon or trying to lose weight, Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch pinpoints the information you need to meet your goals.

The wrist-gear range available includes RS300X- helps you train at the right intensity with persona sport zones, FT7- Energy Pointer tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning and RS800CX- measures detailed information about your performance.

The range of Polar Heart Rate Monitors have various features and unique programs to benefit you, including tracking of your weekly training by Displaying calories burned, distance covered, active steps, the duration of your activity and gives feedback on the effect of your training after the session. The Energy Pointer Program tells you if the main effect of your training is fitness improvement or fat burning, so you can adjust your workout as needed. The STAR Training Program tailors you an aerobic training program with weekly targets based on your personal goals, Fitness Test measures your aerobic fitness (Vo2) and helps you keep track of your progress, Own Cal displays calories burned with fat percentage. Polar HRMs come with a high precision global positioning system that help you keep track of your running pace distance and also map your route.

All you would ever need to track and maintain your fitness goals is a stylish and easy to use watch. Whether you may be a beginner to workouts or a pro level athlete, there is a Polar HRM just right for your needs!

Proline Fitness, pioneers in the home and commercial range of fitness equipments have associated with Polar Electro Finland World leaders in Heart Rate Monitors, to be their official distributor for India.


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