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Protect Yourself From Viral Diseases

Every time the season changes, a bout of diseases like viral, throat infections, colds and flu spread. As children are more prone to catching such communicable infections, the infected kids have to absent themselves from school, and stay at home. But what about other family members? Are they safe? Chances are that your entire family might end up getting viral. Taking timely precautions is a must for all.

Here are a few ways to protect your family:

Carry a water bottle: Most illnesses are water-borne. So insure that your family carries water from home. If you forget to carry a bottle, buy a bottle of mineral water.

Stop chilled treats: The summer months have ended, and so should the ice creams and chilled water. Many throat infections occur due to consumption of cold water.

Avoid outside food: Street food must always be avoided, especially during seasonal changes because consumption of outside food can cause many infections – from viral to food poisoning. If you want to eat outdoors, pick a quality restaurant.

Apply mosquito repellents: Mosquito repellents are a must for school goers as playgrounds are perfect breeding places for mosquitoes. If the school authorities permit, make your child switch to full-sleeved uniform.

Wear warm clothes: The mornings and evenings are now cooler, so wear a thin cardigan. It will protect you from cold and mosquitoes too. Make your children wear a full-sleeved tee for playing outside.

These small steps can help you protect your family from viral infections.


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