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Adopt belly dancing for a curvaceous body

Belly dancing is one of the oldest dance styles in existence and finds its origin in the Middle East and North Africa. It has been a traditionally proven way of centering the mind and body.

You may find it hard to believe but the fact is that belly dance was never actually intended to be an entertainment thing. It was invented as an exclusively female prenatal dance with both religious and erotic elements. Quite contrary to today’s perception, it was never meant to be seen or enjoyed by men.

Since belly dancing was originally designed to be a prenatal dance, none of the moves in this form are there for males. It is only meant to be a women’s dance.

Helps in pregnancy
In ancient time belly dancing was performed and practiced by women who wanted to be pregnant or those who already were so as to tone and strengthen the muscles used during delivery.

Weight gain around waist during pregnancy leads to back pain in most of the women. The excess weight throws off their natural alignment and balance. This weight has to be counteracted by arching backwards and that puts pressure on the lower back. Belly dancing strengthens the back muscles, reduces back pain and helps women maintain a healthy body alignment. The moves make you expert in controlling the abdominal and pelvic muscles which are strengthened in the process and help in having a relatively comfortable delivery.

Unlike any other dance style, belly dancing can be adopted by women of any age group. This gentle dance style never leaves a woman’s body injured or tortured. Belly dancing doesn’t ask for a slim fit body as a requirement. In fact, that’s what it produces out of the not so shapely figure.

Belly dancing: A healthy option
Belly dance combines the three elements of a workout: Flexibility, strength and cardio. The health benefits of belly dancing are multiple. It not only improves posture, balance and flexibility but also provides vigor, improves the condition of the heart, and aid weight loss.

One hour of belly dancing burns more than 300 calories.

  • It improves body’s metabolism.
  • Helps counter problems like osteoporosis.
  • Helps in posture correction.
  • Strengthens hips and knees.
  • Strengthens the uterine, pelvic and lower back muscles and helps treating menstrual disorders.

Advice: If you have any kind of back, knee or shoulder problem, consult your doctor before adopting belly dancing.


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