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Be Beautiful Forever

Elizabeth Blackburn, professor at the University of California in San Francisco, Carol Greider, professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, and Jack Szostak, professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, jointly discovered that inhibiting the telomerase enzyme may help cells multiply without damage. That’s what earned them the Nobel and mankind the formula to remain young and beautiful forever.

The research started as a quest to find a cure for cancer but then they realized that the effect it would have on healthy cells may result in wonders. If pharma companies are able to develop telomerase inhibitors for normal cells, user wouldn’t age any more. Result: immortality and eternal youth.

Ageing worries women?
Study says that the women start worrying about losing their looks at 28. Now if such a vaccine is developed that can stop ageing will it ease the worries of a woman? We tried a sample check.

Shree Upadhyaya, 24, a theatre artists and Bollywood aspirant is not very happy with the idea of young forever. “I do yoga and eat healthy to keep fit and look good. Artificial measures can never produce equally good results. Michael Jackson is classic example. You may delay the wrinkles and ageing but that’s how nature meant us to be. With age comes grace and it’s not a constraint for gaining roles in the industry.”

“Age and beauty may be issue for models who have a very small career life span but with actors that’s not the case,” adds Shree. While the immortality vaccine is strict no-no idea thing for Shree TV journalist Madhvi happily welcomes the option. “If I get an option of remain looking young for ever without plastic surgeries I wouldn’t give it a miss at all,” says Madhvi. “I would love to remain young forever, but I have no intention to live forever. I am not wary of dying; all I am concerned about is the old age that brings along weakness, dependence loss of looks and attraction,” she adds.

Talking about the subject, even the popular actress Pooja Bedi declined the charm of being young forever and prefers ageing. “I have been enjoying my ageing all through and would love to continue like that,” says the mother-of two. “I live by the motto: It is okay to grow old but it is not okay to think old,” say Pooja.

She is fine with already available options like anti-ageing creams and botox treatments, “But at the same time, I don’t want to get hysterical about looking good all the time. I still want to welcome my wrinkles and grey- hair at the right time,” adds Pooja.

The horror of ageing
Psychologists confirm that women do get nervous when they see their first wrinkles but there’s a history of social conditioning behind it. Since childhood, women are trained and conditioned to look pretty in pink frills. Society considers looking good to be something feminine. So no matter how much they grow professionally, they always have this need to look good at the back of their mind. And that’s what makes them yearn to keep their charm.

Most of the modern women, who otherwise are too conscious about their looks, think that life ought to be taken as it comes and it’s fine to do so. There’s no harm in trying to look good or even being immortal —don’t forget, side effects shall follow as a part of the package.

Having a positive attitude towards life and ageing has no side effects. Indeed it helps you stay truly beautiful, forever and ever!


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