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For A Glowing Skin

Are you one of those who don’t bother about acne till you have a party to attend? We often tend to neglect our skin till it starts showing signs of aging. It’s important to take care of your skin to maintain that young, lustrous look regardless of age.

Here’s breaking some famous skin myths:

Acne only happens to teenagers

Adult acne is a reality. And a lot of people get it. “Stay off steroids or you may get teenage pimples at the age of 45. “Adult acne is on the rise. Post puberty, factors like stress, illness, medications, pollution, and climate can cause fluctuating hormones resulting in the growth of acne,” says dermatologist Dr Kashish Kalra.

Oily skin causes acne

Any skin type can develop acne. Oiliness only increases the chances and severity of the acne. Always remove blackheads. Or else, the bacteria breeding there will result in further skin infection. Clear out your pores, now!

Cosmetics can’t cause pimples

This is sad but true. “Some cosmetic products contain ingredients that ‘clog’ the skin. They include acetylated lanolin, butyl stearate, flax oil, isopropyl myristate, myristyl myristate, and cocoa butter. At times, skin breakouts occur from using such products,” says dermatologist Shashi Kant. You may also be allergic to a few ingredients. In case of any infection, consult a skin expert. Always use trusted skin care products.

Wash your skin as much as you can

Don’t. Excessive washing washes away the natural oils that coat and protect your skin. Over cleaning also develops skin rashes. So wash your face twice a day. And exfoliate once a week only, unless on your doctor’s recommendation.

Stress gives you wrinkles

This is not exactly true or untrue. “Stress doesn’t make your skin wrinkle unless you’re frowning. However, stress can surely give you frown lines,” says Dr Kant. “Sleepless nights do hamper your skin’s health. One tends to lead a sedentary life with unhealthy eating, working till late, and even drinking and smoking. This eventually results in skin aging.

Healthy diet, healthy skin

We are in complete support of this one. You are what you eat and drink. Drink lots and lots of water to wash away all toxins from your skin. Avoid sugary substaces, especially refined sugar to avoid skin breakout. Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. And avoid junk food for glowing skin.

You’ll probably get skin cancer

There’s a high probability of you getting skin cancer if you don’t select the right sunscreens and clothing during summers. While sunlight is essential for the body to gain Vitamin D nourishment, over-exposure to direct sunlight can harm the skin manifold.


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