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Give Yourself A Spa At Home

Give yourself at least one day a week to relax and unwind. Pamper yourself and your skin with a do-at-home spa session. Here’s how:

A warm bath: Switch off the TV, put the kids to bed, draw the curtains, put on your favourite music and switch off your phone. Decorate your bathroom with scented candles and burn essential oils. Now the setting for a relaxing spa is ready. Take a warm shower. The steam will help you soak the essential oils better.

Scrub: Before you take a shower, exfoliate your skin. Scrub your body in round movements using a brush or pumice stone. The steam will help in exfoliation. Then let the water run over you and wash away the scrub.

Keep it cool: Don’t bathe with very warm water as it will dry your skin and raise your blood pressure. A bath at right temperature can relax you and bosst blood circulation. Don’t shower for more than 10 minutes.

Choose your oil: Essential oils can enhance your relaxation. Lemon or lavender – choose the aroma that suits you best. Mix 2-3 drops of oil in the water and splash it over yourself. Don’t forget to breathe deeply and inhale the essence.

Facial: Steam opens your pores. This is the best time to apply a face pack. After exfoliation, apply the mask with round circular movements.

Moisturize: Finish your bath with a nice moisturizing cream. As your skin is warm and supple, it will soak the moisturizer well and rehydrate the skin. Gently massage all over your body to increase blood circulation and melt away cellulite.

After a hard day’s work, a spa-at-home is just what you will need to de-stress and relax.


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