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Hair Care During Monsoons

Here are few tips for hair care during monsoons:∙

  • A frequent wash with a mild daily-use shampoo followed by a soft conditioner is a must.
  • Use of mild-warm water is recommended as it gently de-greases and cleanses the scalp. However, make sure it’s not too hot, else it could dry the hair too.
  • Use a deep conditioner on the ends of the hair as they are the ones most prone to damage.
  • Take hair trims every 4-5 weeks during monsoons, to cut out the split ends.
  • Keep a healthy diet. Have a moderate intake of proteins and iron-like spinach and apples. For non-vegetarians, intake of chicken will provide the hair with vitamin B12. For vegetarians, soy is the best source for quality proteins.
  • Additional stresses on hair, like use of chemical hair colours, hair dryer on hot mode, permanent straightening and ironing, etc. should be avoided during monsoons as the hair has greater susceptibility during this season.∙
  • When the hair gets wet during rains, one should immediately wash her hair as early because rain showers contain toxins and acids due to pollution.
  • Wash the scalp with a mild anti-fungal shampoo, at least once a week for people who do not have dandruff, and twice to thrice a week for people who have dandruff.
  • Wear a protective hair cap while swimming or apply a silicone-based serum in the hair during such activities.
  • Do relaxing activities like yoga or some sport to de-stress the body and mind, which will directly impact the health of your hair.
  • Avoid use of products with formaldehyde and alcohol as they will dry out the hair, instead use natural herbal hair products.

(By Dr Sachin Dhawan is director and senior consultant dermatologist at Skin ‘n’ Smiles – Dermatology and Orthodontic Centre, New Delhi.)


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