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Our tryst with oil begins early. In India, babies are smeared and massaged with variety of oils to strengthen their bones. Be it for massaging hair or bodies, our grandmothers always advocate the use of oils for therapeutic purposes. Such is our love for oils. Each oil, mustard, coconut, clove, olive or almond, is loaded with remedial qualities and have been for years to moisturize the scalp and treat hair damage.

Exposed dry heat, cold weather, excessive hair treatments and using a hair dryer or curler can lead to dry and damaged hair, leaving the ends brittle and split. Oils act as fantastic conditioners and help in restoring the hair’s strength, shine and nourishment. Want hair that bounces with health? Follow this simple recipe for that voluminous hair. Simply wash your hair to ward off the dust, and then apply half a cup of olive oil to the hair. Pay close attention to the ends; leave it on for five minutes. Then Shampoo and rinse.

Pregnancy is a time when women experience a lot of changes in their body, and hair are no exception. During pre-natal and post-natal stages, women complain about extensive hair fall. This is perhaps the time when you need to give your hair that magic potion which maintains its vitality and lustre and adds strength to the cuticles and scalp. People have used oils for centuries to make their hair shiny and strong. If you don’t know which oil to use, there are some great products available in market that will add an extra kick and you have a natural, cost-efficient hair care product.

Hair care tips for damaged hair

Hair care tips for damaged hair

Exposed dry heat, cold weather, excessive hair treatments can lead to dry and damaged hair, leaving the ends brittle and split.

Taking a cue from the fact that it is immensely important to have oil in one’s hair care products, Schwarzkopf Professional has come up with this magical range called BC Oil Miracle that can give your hair ultimate nourishment, opulent shine and caressable softness. All you have to do is, follow this holistic regime and leave it on the product to take care of all your hair related woes. And you are in for some amazing benefits like –

  • Opulent shine
  • Caressable softness
  • Non-overburdening

This miraculous hair care range uses ‘Evaporating Technology’ which promises to give your hair that caressable softness and opulent shine without leaving residue on the hair. The crystal clear Micro Emulsion Oil Shampoo, which ensures the right amount of nourishing oil remains at the porous spots of the hair surface whilst smoothening it at the same time, resulting in fascinating suppleness and opulent shine.

Go on ladies, simply follow the regime and all your friends will ask you the secrets to your gorgeous hair.

Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair in summer:

1. Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular essential oils used in aromatherapy.

2. Being a rich source of vitamin E, sesame oil is used in India primarily for body massage.

3. Lavender oil doesn’t just smell great, but also serves as one of the most frequently used essential oils in beauty treatments.

Hair Care During Monsoons:

Hair Care During Monsoons


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