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Lose To Gain

The next time you see the dial on your weighing scale tilted on the wrong side with figures not reducing, be merry! A recent study establishes that being thin or getting thinner makes a woman’s face age faster. And things go worse if you are over 35 years of age.

A study published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Journal, elaborated on various factors that make people look older. According to the research, ageing which appears as wrinkles on the face is a result of depletion of mass from behind the skin. More the slimming, greater the wrinkles and older your appearance. As a natural process, the volume in the face recedes by age. But when we lose weight by choice, inadvertently the process is accelerated and wrinkling starts flowing with double the speed.

So if you are heading for a strict regime to lose those extra pounds or are in the mid of your plan-in-action towards flab cutting, recheck the plan. Or else, you may find yourself ageing faster than natural by slimming instead of looking young.

Sugandha Kapoor, mother of a few months old, spends hours in the gym trying to get rid of the extra tyre she’s put on during pregnancy. In view of her slender shape since ever, every added pound showed distinctively. With that extensive workout, she’s definitely getting back to shape each passing day. However, along with her body her face is shrinking too. The slimming is sketching on her face and every lost pound not only adds to her cute smile but also leaves with a signature mark in the form of new wrinkles on her face.

Sugandha aptly asks, “What to do? When I try keeping my body look younger, the face starts giving up. The answer was rightly quoted by actress Kajol, a mother of two, in a recent interview. She says, “Balance is the key. Till a certain age, the body manages to balance the anomalies. But after that, it’s your task to do the extra bit. Right exercises, that too as per your body’s limit, balanced diet and adequate facial skin care can keep the scene under control. That’s what I do and think I achieve my beauty target as close-up shots still bring compliments to me and long shots also don’t look awry.”

Dietician Vidhi Mehta also acknowledges the findings of the study and suggests that all exercises must be supplemented with a carefully selected diet plan. She says, “It’s fine to work out for losing weight and keep looking fit but don’t aim for overnight changes. Speed is no good when you are driving in reverse gear, else dents are for sure. Even if you succeed in turning the scale south, what good it is with an extra wrinkled face.”

Likewise dermatologist Kashish Kalra has a strict ‘no’ for instant weight-loss programs. He suggests that adding vegetables, stews and fruits to the platter cuts down on carb-count and helps in balancing the after effects of a rigorous workout. A homemade papaya face mask once a week works wonders for those aspiring for weight loss.

Don’t go on a mad spree to lose weight. Fight the signs of ageing, while there’s still time.


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