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Make Your Work-Out Work

Here are some common exercise mistakes:

  • Pick the right regimen. The exercise that suits a friend may not suit you. The kind of workout you do determines the results you get. It’s advisable to seek expert advice who would chart out your regimen as per your body and health requirements.
  • Stretch well. Stretch for a few minutes prior to exercise, especially concentrating on the muscles that will be used during the fitness activity. Muscles that are flexible are far less likely to be injured than tight ones.
  • Mind your technique. Using incorrect form can lead to injury. To learn proper form, it’s helpful to invest in a few sessions with a certified personal trainer.
  • Set it right. Exercise equipment is adjustable and it’s important that you set it up to fit you before you use it. Using poorly adjusted equipment is a set-up for injury.
  • Go slow and steady. Consistency and gradual progression are important for avoiding injury as well as for making improvements.
  • Change your regimen. Still doing the exercises you learned in high school, like windmills and leg lifts? Some of these oldies are a waste of time; others can cause injury. So freshen your routine. Working the same muscles, at the same speed, makes them quite efficient and expend less energy.
  • Breathe correctly. Incorporate proper breathing techniques into each move by inflating your stomach as you inhale and squeezing your abs as you exhale. This helps you regulate the exercise speed, intensity and work on your core muscles at the same time.
  • You are what you eat. Exercising alone can never bring you in your desired shape. You ought to mind what your eat. Maintain a food diary to keep a track of your daily diet. 
  • Avoid long exercise breaks. Remember, you are not at the gym to socialise with friends. So focus on exercising. This really counts.
  • Hydrate yourself. Being dehydrated can lead to cramps and muscle tightness which can result in muscle tears. And on days when you exercise, drink even more water to rehydrate your body.
  • Cool down a while. Like it needs a warm-up, the body needs a cool-down too. So take some time to gradually let your heart-rate lower.
  •  Set realistic goals. The more unrealistic your goal, the sooner you be your exercise dropout. Establish a training goal that is specific and appropriate for your fitness and skill levels.

Go slow but steady. Don’t exercise for the sole purpose of shedding extra kilos. You must enjoy work out. Physical fitness is a journey, not a destination.


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