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Secrets to becoming a happy mom

Ask any mother and she’ll say she’s in her happiest phase of life. Anywhere in the world, children top the list of most enjoyable things of life. But taking care of them is considered far from a pleasurable activity. In fact, it takes a toll on you emotionally as well as physically. Learn these techniques to be a super-happy mom, not a super-mom!

Yes, you’re stressed: It’s ok to take a break and stop playing the perfect mother all the time. Once you stop expecting motherhood to feel blissful all the time, life will get easier.

Sleep: A good night’s sleep is worth a million dollars of happy time with your kids. Want to sneak in an extra hour or two of sleep? Mithali Joshi, mother of 2-year-old Anu, says her husband is in charge of the kid on the weekends, so she can catch extra nap time.

Prioritise: Structure your day to do more things you enjoy and stay away from those that stress you out. If you are working, try exploring the option of going part-time so that you can spend more time with your little one.

Go with the flow: Do things with your kids, which you love and you won’t know where the time flies off. Whereas if you try to create too much order, you will see that time will seem longer and the day will not end. Try chasing a butterfly, notice how ants march in a line and find shapes in clouds.

Bring out your best: What is your strength? If you like singing, make sure you hum along with your little one when you are bathing him. This will take out the frustration of handling a kid in water. While on a drive, play a story making game instead of shouting at them to be quiet. And if you like painting, buy a chart paper and start painting funny caricatures and cartoons. Let your little one help you to cut them out and paste it in his room.

Enjoy the moment: Steal small moments. Instead of trying to do 10 things at a time, slow down and sip tea. Or put a face pack and lie down as your kid watches cartoons. Relish that small me-time every day.

Look at the larger perspective: Life with kids is tough. But what would life be if they weren’t around? Parenting is not supposed to be fun all the time. But if the drudgery is getting to you, think about how empty your life would be if your kids were not a part of it.

Reconnect: Raising young children not only takes a toll on your health, but on your marriage too. Keep your line of communication pen with your spouse. Take out time to reconnect with your husband. A supportive husband is one of the cornerstones of a happy mom.

If you do these things you are less likely to stress. Engage in positive thinking and you’ll be surprised how much happiness is under your control!


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