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Top Apps to Organize your Life

We bring to you few top apps and websites that will help you organise your day-to-day activities. Mothers are always pressed for time and making use of technology can make their lives easier.


1.       Evernote:

This app works like a brain. Which, you can store all the important things and not worry about forgetting them. Evernote also works like a personal diary where you can store your favourite recipes, photographs, important notes and the wish lists.

2.       NDTV Cooks:

NDTV Cooks is a one-stop food destination, whether you want to cook yourself, eat out or order in. One of the interesting features of this app is that you can directly order food using it. You can either sign up for an NDTV Cooks account or log in to their existing account to place a new order or access the previous ones.

3.       Daily Expense Manager:

Managing expenses is not an easy job. However, the Daily Expense Manager can help you sort the list. The app lets you create categories by month, date, payment and type format. What’s more, it’s free and boasts of plenty of other useful things.

4.       Yoga STRETCH:

You need to give your body and mind some rest. And exercising is one of the best ways by which you can do that. For those of you who always complain of the lack of time, Yoga STRETCH is a perfect app. With step-by-step instructions complete with pictures and music, the app features yoga exercises from the very basic to the complex ones.

5.       WebMD:

WebMD is an essential app for the mothers who frequently deal with basic aches and fevers in the family. Not only it lists out symptoms and remedies for common ailments such as cough and cold, but is also helpful in looking up for medical dosages. There is a feature where you can look up for nearby hospitals and physicians in the city.

6.       My Fitness Pal:

By using My Fitness Pal, you can keep a track of your and your family’s daily diet by maintaining a food diary, which automatically calculates fat, calories, carbs and vitamins that you consume from a particular food. A perfect app for that bulging belly.

7.       P Tracker

Now, you can easily track your periods with a press of a button. All you need to do is to log in your start date every month with the app. It will take out the average of your last three months’ menstrual cycle to predict the start date of your next period. Apart from your current and the future period dates, you can also know about the ovulation and the fertile days, the moods that you are going to witness and the symptoms in a simple month-view calendar.


1.        www.aboutone.com

This website allows you to store all the important data of your family’s health, education and even your car maintenance records. All these factors makes it an essential utility to keep your household chores running smoothly.

2.       www.allschoolstuff.com

A perfect website to shop for notebooks, textbooks, book covers, labels, bags, bottles, lunch boxes and just about everything for your little one. It’s there to make your life easy.

3.       www.pinterest.com

Since the invention of this website, mothers have become busier. Indeed. Now, they can store recipes, parenting tips, latest fashion trends, craft ideas and much more with a plethora of categories provided by this website. It’s fun and interactive.

4.       www.allrecipes.co.in

A fantastically categorised and extensive archive of almost all recipes, the website will take care of your family’s taste buds with ease. Its excellent indexing and search tools are the plus points.

5.       www.babyoye.com

A one-stop shop for all baby products, Babyoye.com will save your time and energy from running around whenever the diapers finish or you urgently need a teether for your growing baby.

6.       www.flipkart.com

Touted as India’s amazon, this website is worth a click. And when it comes to delivery, they are the best in the business.

7.       www.beautyaddict.com

If you want to acquaint yourself with the latest in the world of fashion and beauty, then this blog is worth a visit. With a wide range of topics across genres, it is an advisor that you won’t be able to ignore.


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