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Trend Alert: Jumpsuits

Why would any woman want to hide her curves in an outfit which combines a shirt with trousers or shorts – all in one piece? Jumpsuits have been putting in an appearance on the fashion scene since the 1960s and were big during the ‘80s, which was far the most unconventional decade of dressing.

So, what’s the jumpsuit all about? Well, it symbolises sensible comfort rather than a frivolous fashion move. But what about its allegedly questionable aesthetic appeal? This utilitarian, one- piece garment has often been accused of being unflattering and dowdy.

Not necessarily. New-age runways have announced the return of rompers as fashionistas decided it was time to celebrate style in overalls. So the season’s runways kicked off a ‘rompers revival’ with Givenchy showcasing multiple-pocketed, slightly cropped styles; Prada and D& G showcased silk plaid sharp jumpsuits; Stella McCartney did a floral print, spaghetti-strap version; and YSL went for a cheeky version of jumpsuits in thigh-high variations.

Off the runway, the fashion-savvy Kate Moss wore a short, black version in New York for a Topshop store opening recently, Siena Miller was spotted in a loose-fit style jumpsuit and Keira Knightly chose a tailored jumpsuit in white. Closer home, Deepika Padukone casually flaunted a tailored denim jumpsuit as her roughing-it-out work gear in the flick Love Aaj Kal.

So as the jumpsuit makes a fashion comeback in its various interpretations, ranging from short, long, tapered, lean to boxy, printed and sporty, we tell you why jumpsuits are ideal for not just a fashion forward woman but the new-age mom who feels good when she looks good.

Tailored & Structured

Designer Mandira Wirk, who specialises in jumpsuits, says, “A tailored jumpsuit is my choice for a really strong, stylish and power fashion statement. Women who do not mind a dash of masculinity in their look should choose winter fabrics like woollen suiting. For summers, stretch cottons work well too.” Your silhouette in the tailored jumpsuit remains sharp and fitted. So those with bulges should watch out or opt for relaxed styles. Since the styling is constricted and the cuts are stiff, one can opt for halter necks or backless variations.

Solid colours like charcoal, grey and chocolate brown work well for structured styles. The more daring can even go in for mannish, pinstripe jumpsuits.

Relaxed, Easy Chic

For an uber-comfortable, high-style statement, a relaxed jumpsuit is the most coveted item of the season. Designer Nitin Bal Chauhan advises, “If you’re game to go a little low on regular conventions of chic and adopt a lot of funk and quirk, this is the style for you.” The relaxed style goes easy on sharp cuts and is mainly loose and free-flowing, often with very wide legs or draped styles. “It’s like making a choice between classy or casual. You can go for rock n’ roll prints, cheques and stripes together,” Chauhan adds. Accessories to go with this look are a cross body-bag or a backpack.

Chauhan has designed a range of jumpsuits where the lowers were inspired by the Patiala salwars while the jointed top was like a Western ganji. The idea is to blend two different silhouettes. This style works well for skinny as well as slightly plump women. “However, if you’re too heavy or too short, you’re better off staying away from this style,” says Chauhan.

Play Suits (Sporty, Yet Casually Sexy)

If you like a bit of game play in your look, this is the style for you.

Designer Mandira Wirk explains, “It is a great style for girls who lead a very active life. A casual, sporty jumpsuit is a look you can carry through the day, though of course it is not a statement for the night.” Go for racer back styles. The fabrics to choose are blends of cotton and blends of wool for summer and winter, respectively.

Waterproof, wrinkle-proof and breathable fabrics allow the easy fall of play suits.

Thigh-High Jumpsuits

For a boho-goes-uptown look, a shorter version of the jumpsuit can take you to a new fashion horizon. However, it works well only for younger women.

A short, black version can be an interesting break from the ubiquitous LBD. Accesorise with glossy statement clutches and a flat pair of slip-ons or casual shoes.


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