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What Does It Mean To Be A New-Age Mom?

This is all that goes into making a new-age mom:

Striking a balance: The modern woman strives at striking a work-life balance. To her, being amother doesn’t mean forgoing her career aspirations. While her kids always form top priority, nothing else goes overlooked. “My 2-year-old gets up at 5 every morning. I spend two hours with him, bathing, feeding and playing with him. So when it’s time for me to leave office, he’s already had enough time with me. With a smile, he sees me off every day. He spends the day with my mom-in-law and maid. Upon reaching home at 7 pm, we play full-on for an hour,” says chartered accountant Shreya Karnik. She adds, “And my weekends are of course his.”

Health and fitness comes first: HR manager Preeti Nayyar won’t leave for work before she has spent an hour at the gym. “With the mushrooming of fast food chains in the metropolitans, it’s important to have a control on our taste buds. I eat healthy and make sure that I pack healthy stuff in my child’s lunch box,” says Preeti.

Being tech-savy: Do you steer away from social networking sites because you fail to understand how they work? Err! It’s time you took the plunge as your kid won’t like that. “My nine-year-old daughter likes to download video games online and transfer latest songs from her laptop to her new iPod. While I didn’t understand most of it earlier, today I am quite internet savvy,” says housewife Sunidhi Moitra.

Knowing your style: A pair of glares, smart dresees, trendy bags, cool hair-do and subtle make-up go a long way in defining you as a new-age mom. The idea here is not to overdo anything. A pair of trousers can look as smart as a knee-length dress. It’s all about how you style yourself. Regular pampering sessions at the spa can’t be given a miss here.

Befriending your kid: “Many kids, especially in big cities, take up drinking and other addictions in their early teens. The scenario is worse when their parents continue to live in oblivion. Hence, it’s important to be a friend to your children than a disciplinarian,” says banker Neha Tyagi. “I am happy that my ten-year-old daughter shares everything with me, even if it is about finding a classmate attractive. This way, it’s easier for me to put a check on her through friendly conversation.

Don’t worry, be happy: “I don’t take up work more than I can handle. Whether it is about office assignments or even household chores, I am very clear about how much work I can do without stressing myself,” says BPO executive Madhu Jain. We couldn’t agree more with Madhu.

The mantra is: enjoy life, take time out for yourself, do things that you like, and set your priorities right. Having children is not the end of the world, but the beginning of yet another exciting phase of your life. Always remember, you ought to be happy within to be able to spread happiness around. So love thyself.


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