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Bollywood on parenting

When it comes to parenting, a celebrity does not think differently from his regular counterpart. As testimonials to this notion, we get some parents from the film industry to speak about their plans for 2014. Read on…

Bollywood on Parenting and Celebrating Parenthood in 2014:

Aamir Khan:

“I really feel sad when I hear about female foeticide in India. For me, there is no difference between my daughter and sons. I want to give them the same upbringing. Now that Imran is going to become a dad, I am looking forward to the addition of a new baby in our family.”

Abhishek Bachchan:

“I personally do not believe in making New Year resolutions. But as a parent, I feel that one should ensure good education and good upbringing for their child.

I have got the same from my parents and I am planning to do the same for my daughter Aradhya now.”

Lara Dutta:

“Since I am a new mom, every day is a learning experience for me. I am looking forward to the New Year and discover more and more about my baby girl Saira.”

Sonu Nigam:

“I have been planning to take my son Nevaan to my Guruji for initiating his formal music training. In 2014, I will do that by getting him to tie the traditional arm-band and bless him.”

Malaika Arora Khan:

“I want to spend more time with my son Arhaan by taking more holidays together, may be.”

Pooja Bedi:

“I want to go for swimming every weekend with my kids and also try to play at least one board game with them once a week.”

Archana Puran Singh:

“This year, my elder son will be turning 18 and stepping into adulthood. So, there is excitement as well as fear in my heart about his ‘license to fly’. I don’t think I would want to change as a parent since I feel that the kind of upbringing I have given to him and my younger son, have made me and my husband Parmeet proud. We will continue doing the best that we can for their well-being. And I wish all of us should be healthy and safe.”

Roshni Chopra:

“I want my kid to grow up with awareness about the environment and help in conserving the natural resources. It should be made an habit from an early age.”

Mandira Bedi: 

“I wish to give more time and attention to my son Vir and of course love him more and more with each passing day.”

Maria Goretti:

“I want to be more patient as a person, especially when it comes to dealing with my kids.”

Tara Sharma:

“I want to be a good mom to my two sons and keep balancing and multi-tasking between my family, home and work. Our show goes into Season 3 in 2014 and our kids of course are growing so fast. So trying to be a good mom, daughter, wife and a career woman would be the resolution apart from hoping that all of us stay healthy and safe.”

Alesia Raut:

“I want to make my son Mark learn Russian language in the coming year.”

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