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Did Someone Say Babymoon?

If you’re not familiar with the word yet, you probably will soon be. A babymoon is what they call the last kid-less hurrah before your tiny bundle of joy arrives. – By Anushree Basu Bhalla

Creating a child is no child’s play. Chances are, you are on an overdrive lately–keeping up with the doctor’s appointments, prepping the nursery, stocking up the freezer and battling the surge of pesky pregnancy hormones. While a babymoon could be the antidote you have been yearning for, the timely trip-for-two comes with some prerequisites—before booking flights, hotels or even picking a week to take time off, make a point to ask your obstetrician-gynae doctor about travelling (especially, flying) and staying a distance away from home. Raising a tiny life within you has given you the power of instinct. So, when it comes to planning a short escape, how you feel within, matters the most. Of course, we’re here to help too. So read on all about babymoon and pack your bags for a veritable vacation.

Timing it Right
You have a relatively small window when it comes to planning a vacation during pregnancy. Of course, your health matters the most, but if all’s well, you still have just about eight weeks for your dream vacation. Like, who wants to travel when they can barely keep down a bagel for breakfast? Or how can you embark on that road trip when you can barely fit inside the car.

Most medical practitioners reckon that the sweet spot for a babymoon lies in the second trimester (from about 14 through 28 weeks). That’s because this is the phase when you’re past the queasiness and yet not too big to get around. Some airlines have restrictions about flying in the weeks before delivery (so check your carrier’s policy before you book your tickets).

Destination Dilemma
Your slice of paradise can be just a few hour’s drive away, you just have to choose it wisely. Gone are the days when you and your partner could hit the dirt track if the road to your destination were temporarily blocked. Think of a destination that blends creature comforts with idyllic locations and soothing serenity.
There’s a lot you have gone through of late: Remember how you freaked out when you saw the positive sign on your home pregnancy test? Your nerves may not have settled ever since those early pregnancy weeks, so choose a vacation spot where you can put your feet up (quite literally).

An obvious choice would be a beach side resort or a cozy little hillside boutique hotel, but if travelling long distances is a problem, then even an in-town five-star hotel weekend stay can do a world of a good to you. Keep your imaginations soaring and your mind open.

No Hurricane Tour
The second trimester may make you feel way more energetic than how you were feeling a couple of weeks ago. But now is not the time for you to plan a hike through the woods. Planning a road trip? Keep the schedules easy-breezy with less stopovers and detours. Choose a babymoon spot within a reasonable driving radius, say four or five driving hours, and stop for a break after every hour to stretch your legs (and pee, of course). Flying to your destination? Try to stick to non-stop flights (you really don’t want to be running for connections) and don’t forget to opt for an aisle seat so those frequent bathroom trips are easier to manage. Dreaming of a cruising trip? You may want to think again as this may entail a couple of modes of transport and hectic schedules. Plus, there’s no escaping that seasickness.

Room with a View
Do your research well before booking online. Request for a room that has got plenty of fresh air and light. It simply brings up the spirits. Sleeping with a basketball in your belly is tough enough at home—the last thing you want is another sleep-sapper on your babymoon. Opt for a king-sized bed as mamma needs more room to sleep now and throw in some extra pillows for additional comfort and support. You may also consider bringing your own favourite pillow.

Quiet is the key, so pass on rooms near busy elevator corridors or close to a kiddie pool (you may not be ready for the happy squeals just yet). If your resort is a sprawling tropical paradise, make sure there are ample golf carts or shuttles to ferry you around.

Be Mindful of Medical Support
Take a copy of your medical records along and make sure you know where the closest (and the best) hospital is situated from where you are staying. Most hotels have a doctor-on-call facility, but make sure you confirm with the management before booking your stay. A medical emergency is a lot easier to deal with when there’s no language barrier. So book your babymoon in a country where almost everyone speaks English (or you’re fluent in its language). Once you have done your homework, run your plans past your gynaecologist and make sure you’ve got your insurance information with you at all times.


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