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How To Get My Child To Love Reading

Does your child read every day, not because its assigned, but just for fun?
Always remember -“Children are made readers on the lap of their parents.”

Here are top 11 tips to make your child love reading.

  1. READ ALOUD TO YOUR CHILD: This is the most effective way to encourage your child to love books. Children are great imitators so you can be assured that if you are a reader, so will your child be. Listening to and reading along makes them feel a part of the learning process and helps to make the reading more interactive. In this way you can teach them the sounds of language, making it easier for them to learn how to read. You should also talk to your children about what they read. Ask your child to narrate back to you what was read to them. This helps your child develop critical thinking skills and building vocabulary. It is also very important to make reading fun.
  2. THE EARLIER YOU START, THE BETTER: The habit of reading gets ingrained in childhood. Helping your kids read is the best thing you can do as parents and it’s well worth the investment of your time and energy, as some are born readers, some aren’t.
  3. EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY: There are many amazing benefits for kids who read on an electronic device. You should also consider including these sources of electronic reading materials in your child’s life. An e-reader includes a handy dictionary feature that might entice your reluctant reader to actually sit down and get started. It really helps to cultivate a love for reading and build skimming skills.
  4. MAKE THE LIBRARY A FUN SPOT: A library is an excellent source of knowledge for children, so when you take your child to the library, you open the door to a world of knowledge and discovery. You should definitely spend some good time together in library as a regular outing. It provides an easy access to books and reading material. Encourage your child to explore the library and to bring books from their school for pleasure as well as their studies. They should also enjoy all the activities it offers.
  5. GET YOUR CHILDREN HOOKED ON: Newspapers and magazines are great sources to teach your kids about the real world. It’s good to invest in the subscriptions of magazines you enjoy and with content suitable for your child. Newspapers are something your child recognize as a source of what is happening outside your family circle. Its also very essential to teach your child how to read a newspaper and how to find relevant information in different sections of the newspaper, such as world news, cartoon section, sports section, public notices, etc
  6. IT’S WORDS THAT MATTERS: No doubt you want your kids to read quality material, but there’s no harm in letting them read the magazine, sports, kids or any other section of the newspaper.
  7. TEACH YOUR KIDS TO LOVE AND RESPECT BOOKS: Teach your children to see their books as life-long friends and they will have innate respect for them. How you handle books will eventually influence how your kids handle them the love of reading will come from observing how you read. The more they read, the more pleasure they get out of reading and get new information for themselves. Books are special and they deserve our respect. Rather than throwing away unwanted books, donate them. As the saying goes,”to read a book for the first time is to make an acquaintance with a new friend, to read it for the second time is to meet an old one.
  8. TIME TO THINK OUT OF THE BOX!: Ask your child to read aloud. You can create your own audience. Reading to an audience is fun.
  9. TUCK THEM IN BED, READ ALOUD: Cuddle up and read to your kids every night before going to bed and let them fall asleep to a good story. Make this a daily habit. It is the best way to get them enthused without pressuring them.
  10. WHAT IS YOUR CHILD INTERESTED IN?: Pay attention to your child’s changing interests. Just make sure you focus on bringing books into the house that reflect their growing interests. Find their love! If your child shows interest in other languages or cultures, foster this through making them read books in other languages as well. So what if you don’t know a second language? You must find out what captivates your children or keeps their attention? You must try different genres like fiction, non-fiction, adventure, biographies, until you hit upon the one that will make your child really willing to read.
  11. GIFT A BOOK, AS A TOKEN OF LOVE: Books are great gifts isn’t it? True! Books are ideal presents for birthdays or as rewards. Just write a loving message on the front so that the memento is well remembered. The love of reading is the only precious gift that a parent can give a child. So, just continue to reward them with books and book vouchers. Enjoy!

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
– Albert Einstein

How do you help your child learn to read? Share with us. We would love to hear.


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