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Single Parenting Tips For Women

One question that single parents often have, is, “How will I raise my child alone on my own?”

Scary things confront us all… Isn’t it? One glaring reality is that single parenting can be a non-stop challenging and demanding job. If you’re a single mother, you might be facing a set of challenges that other parents will never face. But with a positive mindset and a determined perspective single parents can easily get the work done.

To make your life run more smoothly, we bring you top 5 tips on single parenting.

  1. Set priorities and have a plan: Learn to prioritize what you “want” and what you “need”. You have to be realistic, and set goals for paying quality attention to your child. Avoid wasting time feeling guilty or regretting failures about things you couldn’t help or do. Its very important to make quality time for your kids despite all the stress and exhaustion. Encourage your kids to obey.
  2. Express your love: Your child really needs you and your love. It’s very important to express your love. Make an effort to be emotionally present with your children when you are with them. Figure out what your emotions are telling you. You have to accept that there are certain things you simply cannot change, such as other parents’ inputs. Compliments are tremendously valuable, so tell your kids what you like about their personality. Try to spend quality time with your kids. Make an effort to be emotionally present with them. Give your kids the ultimate gift of time. Take out some time and simply enjoy a fun conversation with your child. Treat your kids with an ice-cream cone or chocolate bar but don’t spoil them with too many gifts. Kids feel special when you surprise them.
  3. Foster a bond with your child: Many single parents feel the need to be “super-parents”. Try to participate in various activities with your kid and get them involved. You and your child can have a lot of fun including with activities like cleaning the room, combing each others hair, playing some games, etc. You can also sing your child’s favorite songs together. Let them be problem solvers and find solutions to issues that concern them. Tuck them in bed and read aloud. You can also cook with them. Kids really enjoy cooking.
  4. Do not be a loner! Seek and accept support. Single mothers suffer from higher levels of financial anxieties. Women tend to get less support from their employers. Develop a social network. Confidence grows with support from others. It’s very important to have confidence to make decisions alone. With confidence, its not hard to muster up the courage to try new things. You must recharge your own energy by seeking support in the community, among family, friends or organizations. Talk to your friends and family and let them know you need them. The more support you have, the happier you are.
  5. Take care of yourself: Physically and Emotionally: Make an extra effort to eat healthy and choose energizing ways to fuel your body. You must feel in control. This is greatly helped by taking care of your self through adequate eating, exercise and stress management. Take time to think about the things that are going well for you. Have a positive attitude. Try changing your hair style, or experiment with new make-up trends. All this help women to build their self esteem, specially when the going gets tough.

Prepare your kids for future and give them tools to navigate. Life will go on and everything will be fine.

What’s your parenting style? Share your parenting tips with us. We would love to hear.


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