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Walls of wonder for your Kids Bedrooms

Give your little one a wonder space of his own where he can breed his imagination.

Children are extremely expressive. They live in a self-created world of their own moods, thoughts and ideas. They make their own parallel universe and often retreat into their dream spaces.

Therefore, for the parents, it is a constant challenge to live up to their expectations and bring alive their imaginary yet creative world. We bring to you six wall art looks that you can gift your child this festive season.

Boys BedroomBoy’s Room Decor:
Some of the colours that little boys are most attracted to are green, blue, orange and red, therefore these colours work well in their bedrooms. These colours can be combined with neutrals shades such as grey and white to balance the decor. Some of the colour combinations that you can experiment with are:

Red and White: A red and white decor is interactive and brings the room alive with a creative blend of positive energy and playfulness.

Blue and White: It is a known fact that boys are attracted to the colour blue. While blue is a playful colour, it also enhances the intellect and mental concentration at each stage of the child’s development.
You many choose some of the most quirky colours from a range of interior products that are available in the market today.

Girl’s Room Decor:Girls bedroom
For girls, one can experiment with subtle shades of pastels such as peach, pink, mauve, light green and aqua blue among other colours.

Colour Tip: One can use the same bed and furniture for the girls in their growing years. Just paint the article in different colours occasionally to give that unusual look. Remember to match the colours so as to achieve the best balanced look and effect.

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