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The smell of coffee is an instant wake-me-up for most Indian women. But even after years of research, it still remains debatable whether pregnant women can have coffee or not. Here are a few facts that might help:

Coffee and pregnancy are two controversial subjects. Most doctors go the easy route by telling you to avoid that steamy, frothy cup of java. But some women swear by the smell of coffee beans to help them avoid morning sickness. Here is a low down on the effects of caffeine that not only includes coffee but also tea and colas.

Why doctors tell pregnant women to avoid caffeine

Studies show that consuming 300 mg of caffeine daily can increase the chances of miscarriage, and high levels of caffeine can also cause birth defects, premature delivery, decrease in fertility and low birth weight.

Caffeine remains in a pregnant women’s body for 11-12 hours. It gets absorbed by the foetus and increases the unborn baby’s heart and breathing rate

Its consumption is also correlated with smoking, which is known to increase chances of premature birth and low birth weight.

It is a diuretic i.e. it increases the flow of urine.

How to reduce caffeine intake?

The best way is to start skipping coffee, tea and aerated drinks. But be aware that several processed foods also contain caffeine as many aerated drinks do not disclose their caffeine content. Many foods like ice tea, ice creams also contain caffeine. A bar of milk chocolate can contain upto 15 mg of caffeine! So it is best to check the labels before picking any drinks or food.

While some studies say that the antioxidants of caffeine have healthy properties, but moderation should be the key.

Ultimately, women must make their own decision. If leaving coffee is not possible, then moderation is key. And don’t think that if you drink tea instead of coffee, you are safe. It also has high caffeine along with other beverages such as colas, sodas and energy drinks, chocolate and even some medications, like Crocin Pain relief.


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