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Get ready for delivery

Are you prepared?

The hospital bag should be packed by now. Check that you have thought of everything. Try the way to the hospital twice, once in peak hours and once at night.Memorizing the way is a very reassuring thought. Do you know of any secret paths or short cuts, in the event that your baby comes at a time when the roads are blocked by traffic? If you park at different places daily, remember where it stands. In the excitement, memory can play tricks!

Have the phone numbers ready so when needed, you do not panic. Make a list of taxi, office, ambulance, midwife or labor ward numbers. If you already have a child, you should organize where you should drop him, while you are in the hospital.

Now is the time for last errands for the baby

Maybe you’ve done the shopping for the baby long ago. After all, it is fun to shop for the newcomer. Some women may cancel the shopping for the child till the very end. Remember that babies grow quickly, and basically do not need much. Here are some clues:

  • To stay warm: baby bodysuits, rompers or suits, tops, a cardigan or sweater for outside, wool socks (all in size 56-62). Cotton cap for the head and a woolen hat for winter babies.
  • Furniture: The cot space should be comfortable, at least 80 x 80 cm. A changing table or a bathtub is useful. A washable padded matress for the parental bed, to wrap the baby or the floor is a good investment.
  • For the baby care: A bath thermometer, nail scissors with rounded corners, a soft hair brush. Babies do not need skin care products, pure water is the best. For a baby’s sore bottom, you should have cream and oil to remove the cream residue. Regardless of whether you decide to use cloth diapers or market ones, buy some wet tissues for wiping and breastfeeding.
  • A cot for newborns is usually still too large, it is better to buy a bassinet or a cradle. If the baby sleeps on a big bed from the start, tie around cushions, so that it does not feel lost.
  • For transport: A stroller and a car seat are a must. Buy a sling or carrier bag, if you like to have your baby with you.

When the contractions start?

Many women ask themselves: How do I know that it is really happening? How can I distinguish right ones from “wrong alarms”?

Do not worry if it really starts, you will be safe as the initial Braxton Hicks contractions you feel are at irregular intervals and are the body is preparing to give birth. Much like advance work.The body is pushing the baby down the cervix, making cervix softer so that it opens easily. Shortly before birth, the Braxton Hicks contractions are more violent. The disappointment is big when you go to the hospital with these contractions and are sent home.

  • Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular. Often they present themselves, especially at night. The best way to get up and walk around for a while. Listen again for the pain, you can be sure that it was a false alarm.
  • Take a bath when you feel contractions. “Wrong” labor, birth pangs are more in heat.
  • In contrast to the Braxton Hicks, labour contractions are rhythmic run and always equal: they start slowly, reach a peak and fall off again. The distances between the individual contractions are get shorter. A woman who is in labour stops, instinctively: She stops listening, talking and tries to breathe out the pain.
  • Initially, the pains open the cervix and are slower only about thirty to forty seconds. Later, they are stronger and last up to one minute. The breaks in between get shorter.
  • A pretty sure sign that it will start soon: you have bloody mucus in your underpants. The blood comes from the vessels of the cervix, which begins to open already.
  • Even outgoing amniotic fluid may signal the imminent onset of labor. In this case, you should notify for the midwife or the gynecologist.

If the baby is days off

Do not be concerned if the due date passes without anything happening: Only one in four baby comes to the expected date of delivery to the world. However, the wait is now even harder. It is important that you are checked regularly, if the deadline has passed. The doctor checks the baby still gets enough oxygen.


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