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Holidays While Pregnant

When is the ideal time for travelling in pregnancy?

The best time is between the fifth and seventh month. For nausea and vomiting that often occur in the first three to four months, are now gone. And the belly can carry the baby with ease. Doctors often advise not to travel in the first trimester of pregnancy. The reason: As long as the embryo in the uterus has not been firmly ensconced, the increased risk of bleeding or miscarriage is present.

The last eight weeks before the birth are not ideal for a trip. With an enlarged belly, the mobility is significantly restricted. There is also the risk that the baby might come too early.

Which holiday destinations are eligible?

If a child on the way, the holidaying should be careful. pregnant women should avoid vacation in a tropical climate, exhausting tours and adventure holidays. Doctors vouch against long-distance travel to exotic countries as the risk of infection is high and preventive drugs and vaccines, such as malaria prophylaxis are too risky for the baby.

However, you should also avoid hotter destinations especially in midsummer. The most compatible for pregnant women and her baby are areas where temperatures do not exceed 28 degrees.

On a holiday in the mountains, you should not undertake summit tours – even the cable car ones. Because the air pressure decreases upward, above 1,800 meters, pregnant women can easily get oxygen deficiency. The child is at risk too.

Does the baby feel the climate change?

What the feateus feels for sure, is that you are well. Positive mood does demonstrably good to the unborn. There is a difference when you walk on the beach, the baby gets an extra dose of oxygen when you move around a lot in the air. Moreover, whereas only one to three percent of the light gets into the uterus, the baby notices the bright sun on your bare stomach. Unborn babies are curious – the light stimulus makes them awake.

What documents do you need?

As an expectant mother, you should pack a few documents in any case:

  • Baby Slings
  • Insurance card or travel abroad health insurance certificate
  • In addition, the travel insurance makes sense.

Last hedging

If you have booked a package holiday, be sure to close off a cancellation insurance. Take a room at the resort nearby the concierge at your hotel. Ask for the address of a woman doctor in the area – then you are ready for emergencies.

Bring forward the screening appointments that fall within the travel time: so that you know for sure, that everything is in order.

And when the child comes into the world on vacation?

Is not very likely, but not one hundred percent ruled out: the baby can be born abroad. This does not mean that it is a Spaniard, Italian or American.

Previously in some states, such as the United States: children who were born there automatically became citizen. In many countries: the parents are married and have one parent of German nationality, so the child will get German citizenship – and that regardless of where it was born. If the parents are not married, it is of the mother nationality.

By the way: In order to leave this matter undisturbed, one should register the baby at the consulate or the embassy in the passport.


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