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Hospital Bag Checklist For To Be Moms

Here are a few must-haves for your hospital bag…

  • Even when you are away from home at this time, you would need to be near your loved ones at all times. Keep a notepad handy with the contact details of all your near and dear ones, so that you can reach out to them to share the good news.
  • If you are carrying your mobile phone into your labour, make sure you have saved all the numbers in it. And yes, don’t forget to carry the charger!
  • A handy cam will not take up much space in case you plan to record every moment of your journey!
  • A pair of loose and comfortable maxies and feeding bra is advisable to carry in your labour bag if you might not want to wear the hospital robes all the time, in which case the former is a good option. Make sure the dresses are loose and do not restrict your movement.
  • To take care of post delivery menstruation, don’t forget to carry a pack of super absorbent sanitary napkins. Panties, slippers and dressing gowns are must-carries too!
  • Keep ample space for toiletries in your labour bag, where in you should carry your toothbrush, hairbrush, flannel, soap, body wash, lotion, napkins and a face cream. Wrap the toiletry bag in a towel which will save you space.
  • Get some good books or magazines that will keep you going outside the visiting hours, besides your iPhone or the regular MP3 player, if you’re quite a music buff.
  • This is the time to start thinking beyond yourself. Pack in some nappies, flannel material full slacks, shawl, soft baby quilt, mosquito net, baby cream, lotion and powder, baby soap, diapers, baby hand gloves, socks and a couple of caps for your baby for the time when you bring him/her home.
  • Childbirth can be exhausting and rest is much needed. Carry ear plugs, in case you end up in a noisy ward. Carrying an eye mask would also help you sleep in case your ward is brightly lit.
  • Do not forget to carry a going home outfit for yourself and your little bundle of joy.

Packing the perfect labour bag sets your life to the perfect tune and makes the happiest moment of your life picture perfect!


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