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How to Induce Labour Naturally

Your due date could be inaccurate by a few weeks, so it’s best to wait till 40 weeks before you start to think of inducing labour. You can do many things to start the contractions, but the y will work only if your body is ready to give birth. If not, no amount of tricks will work.

Relax: Labor will not begin if you’re tensed. Stop worrying and do things to take your mind off it. Take a warm bath, get a manicure, eat out or see your favourite movie.

Walk: Start walking when contractions begin. This can ease you into labour. With walking, your hips will sway, which will help bring the baby into position. Also as you stand, gravity will move the baby down to your pelvis.

Sex: Having sex works very well when you want to induce labour Semen contains the hormone prostaglandins. When semen reaches the cervix, the hormone dilates it and helps start labour.

Nipple massage: Massaging your nipples can stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which causes contractions and evolves into labour. However, some practitioners advice against this method as it can cause excessively long uterine contractions, which can sometimes slow down the fetal heart rate.

Consult your doctor about the safe time to begin using any of the above methods to induce labour.


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