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Packing Your Suitcase For Delivery

From the 37th week of pregnancy onwards, you should have your hospital suitcase ready in case of early labour. Here we tell you which clothes, documents and other useful things you should have in your suitcase.

What you need for yourself

• Non-slip shoes or slippers and warm socks. Because you will want to move, walk around in the hallways or in the hospital parking before the child is then born in the delivery room. Feet tend to become col during labour and they slow the contractions.

• A long, heat-resisting T-shirt. This is practical, convenient and comfortable for the birth. Alyas pack a second spare T-shirt. You can also ask for a hospital gown.
• Cardigan for warmth after the birth.
• A fragrance lamp with your favorite fragrance.
• Something to eat – it is also important for the expectant father.
• For resting: Take a bathrobe and two wide, comfortable trousers – handy for the days after birth.
• One or two comfortable nightdresses, pajamas, jackets or long T-shirts that open in front for breastfeeding. Normal ones need to be pushed up for breastfeeding.
• Other: Nursing bras (one size larger than your sixth month size) and breast pads. Some hospitals provide practical disposable briefs made of paper. Or else buy about eight cotton ones and wash them in boiling water to avoid infections.
• A package of extra-soft toilet paper.
• A couple of things for the trip home, something that was perfect in the fifth, sixth month.
• Make up and lip balm, for the first photos with the baby.
• A camera.

What you need for your baby

• One or two bodysuits, pants and jackets or a romper.
• Diapers for newborns to get him home from the the clinic.
• Cloth diapers, which also serve as a burp cloth.
• Jackets, cap, socks, a baby blanket for the journey home.
• If you take the car home, you need a baby-safety shell. Otherwise, a stroller or a sling.

Do not forget these papers:

• Maternity card or reports.
• Identity card / passport.
• Health-insurance card.


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