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Small children often get curious about the bloated belly their mother has. Add to this the fear of a younger sibiling. Your child will have a lot of questions concerning your pregnancy. Here are some of the common questions. And we tell you the best answers.

Can the baby look outside from the navel?

It does not work that ways because the baby grows in the womb, which is like a warm cave. Muscles and skin tightly surround it. And tell him to look at your navel. Ask when you cannot see inside how can he see outside?

Tip: Do not describe the details like amniotic fluid, amniotic sac, tissue and muscle layers. This is too abstract and it might scare your child.

What does the baby eat?

The baby gets his food through the umbilical cord right in the belly. The umbilical cord is a kind of tube. The food is very finely divided and everything that mom eats, the baby also eats. The baby is never hungry.

image8Tip: It is true that unborn babies are fed on the blood of the expectant mother. But children are disgusted when they imagine having to eat blood.

Was I also in your belly?

Yes. We were very happy and used to stroke my belly because we loved you. We used to try to comprehend if you were a boy or a girl.

Tip: If you have a photo of your big baby bump from the first pregnancy, then show it to your child and explain to him.

How does the baby come out of the belly?

We go to the doctor and the doctor tells the baby to come out.

Tip: Never tell your child anything about labour pain. The only message that your child should draw from this is: The baby does not hurt the mother.


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